What Can A Managed Pay Per Click Campaign Do For You?… How does Instant Visibility and Qualified Traffic Sound For Starters?

One of the biggest benefits of Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is that it delivers immediate search engine visibility. PPC ads are contextual which means they are only displayed to potential customers who are searching on the keywords that you decide to target. However, rather than pay each time an add is displayed you only pay for the clicks that refer visitors to your website hence the name Pay Per Click or PPC.

PPC Campaign Management

PPC campaign management is a service offered by most Search Engine Marketing companies. Their understanding of the marketing processes necessary to compete successfully online can significantly increase sales, reduce customer acquisition costs, reduce cost of sale and increase brand awareness. Some of the benefits of PPC Campaign Management include:

Immediate Results – A managed PPC campaign can produce results in a very short period of time, sometimes within a few hours of the ads going live especially so for e-commerce sites equipped with the necessary technology to process online sales.

Budget Control – You remain in complete control of how much you spend. Maximum bids can be set for individual keywords or you can set a manageable daily budget. In either case your budget can be increased when the Pay Per Click campaign begins to produce a return.

Brand Awareness – Pay per click advertising can increasing brand awareness. For example, a visitor who clicks on your ad and is referred to a page that delivers a positive experience builds positive “brand awareness”.

Keyword Targeting – The keywords you target controls and pre-qualifies visitors before they click through to your website guaranteeing that you only pay for visitors with a genuine interested in your products. Every click is therefore a potential sale.

Reverse Broadcasting – Using traditional advertising you take responsibility for broadcasting a marketing message and the medium over which it is broadcast, i.e. press, TV radio etc. This is done in the hope that the broadcast stimulates enough interest and a follow up action from within the target market to generate a worthwhile return. PPC works in reverse, it pulls customers to your site who, by the very nature if the keywords they choose while searching, have broadcast a strong interest in your products or services and are actively taking action to research, locate and buy.

Geo-Targeting – The facility to target specific geographic locations is arguably the greatest advantage PPC offers over any other internet marketing strategy. Although our Pay Per Click campaign management can’t makepeople click your ads, we can, with a little help from web analytics, target locations where they’re more likely to.

Measurable Results – Through web analytics and industry standard best practices it is possible to measure the success of your Pay Per Click ad campaign. Key performance indicators such as page impressions, click through rate (CTR) and landing page conversions are easy to track and monitor how efficiently the campaign budget is being employed.

Time To Get Started

Our team of highly skilled search engine marketing consultants are standing by, ready to build and manage a successful pay per click campaign for your business. We will ensure your PPC campaign budget is used efficiently by targeting the best keywords and pre-qualifying potential customers before they click through to your website. Talk to us about your pay per click requirements contact SEO Scotland Today.