Is Your Copywriting Working For You?

Good Web Copywriting should grab the attention of the reader from the opening headline and maintain it through to the ‘Call To Action’. However, copywriting that works well off-line might prove to be ineffective online.

Here are two simple tests that allow you to measure the effectiveness of your web copy for online consumption. Completing these tests will let you know if you require the services of a Professional Web Copywriter (and who to chose of course).

Web Copywriting Test 1: What’s In It For Me?

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer for a moment, one that is actively engaged in the search for the products or services that you sell. View any page on your website that promotes your products or services and ask, as a customer, “What’s In It For Me?”.

Does your page:

  • answer concerns the customer might have?
  • highlight the benefits customers will enjoy by purchasing your products?
  • explain how those benefits will positively impact the customers health, wealth, effectiveness, status etc.?
  • clearly differentiate your services from those of your competitors?

Web pages that answer the “What’s In It For Me?” question:

  • grab attention and pique the interest of your customers
  • keep customers on your web pages longer
  • generate more sales and increase their value.

Web Copywriting Test 2: Does Your Copy Pass The Skim Reading Test?

Copywriting is different on the web, time is short, you only get a few seconds to grab the readers attention and persuade them to stay a while. Customers simply do not have the time, or the attention span, to read every word on every page they visit, including yours. Rather they skim read, selectively reading sections of your page to judge whether the page is of interest and merits further consideration.

Return to the page page you used in the previous test. Copy the content into a word processor and remove everything except headlines and bullet lists. Donning the hat of a customer once more:

  • do you still understand what the page is about?
  • do the benefits still shine through?
  • is your attention piqued
  • would want to stay longer and read further?

Think Like A Customer, Write For The Customer

As a customer, were you happy with the results? Did you feel that the page was informative and objective? Did you want to read the detail or hit the back button?

Now run the copywriting tests on pages that directly compete with yours, list your strengths and weaknesses.

Call To Action, You Don’t Get If You Don’t Ask

The goal is to communicate a clear and compelling marketing message that motivates the customer toward completing your ‘call to action’. The call to action is the reason the page exists, its raison detra, it lets the customer know what he has to do next whether that be signing up for your latest news letter or clicking your ‘Buy Now’ button.

Do You Need A Professional Web Copywriter?

Now, given the choice, which would you prefer:

  • a nice prize for a pretty web design
  • a website that impresses your friends and family… or
  • a website that impresses your customers and increases leads, sales and profits?

It seems like a no-brainer to me, but what about you? It’s your website after all.

If you have read this far it’s probably because you know your copywriting could be producing better results and it needs some work. Contact SEO Scotland about your web copywritng requirements.